Anatomy of Restlessness

And if you are born with a factory defect? No, nothing serious, just an extreme intolerance towards everything that is not moving, perhaps like your own life?
This constant need for novelty, change, new goals that brings new incentives to continue to move forward in life, even knowing that then, just for a small moment, for a fraction of time insignificant compared to our life, you can be really happy

And if you realize that this moment falls only when you know that there will soon be a change, only when you know that soon you will have a new trial and a new chance to confront yourself, only then and not a instant before you will understand that you are defective, who has given you a spirit that suffers from chronic restlessness. Where was the quality supervisor?

If life is a constant struggle between the search for truth, the search for a meaning … why cannot you be satisfied with the explanations you have at hand? Even less the alternatives, after all you know what you want, it is not the truth, but it is the continue search of it, because the truth is unique and personal, not objective, it is in the search of the self … But in every self-respecting fight there is an antagonist, something that hinders your mission, a drug that has many forms and one goal, to sedate, distract you, a drug that can be weed, it can be TV, Internet, video games, politics , religion, a continuous struggle against these opiates that placate the soul, that make us forget our goal, our search, our restlessness.

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