sup dal garda all'adriatico

Chapter 5: from Garda lake to Adriatic Sea, looking for adventure and hunting garbage “in our backyard”

On the 17 of September I will sail from my beach in Pisenze, Manerba del Garda (Bs) to the Adriatic Sea and, for the first time, I will not be alone. With me there will be two other “local” adventurers, Ricky and Giorgio, two lovers of sport and the outdoor who share with me the desire to work hard and put themselves to the test to create this documentary journey, along which we will tell through social networks and a final mini-documentary, the state of our great lake and our rivers.

Update: We have a female companion that joined our expedition, Arianna! she will bike along the river with us.

We will look at things from a different perspective, that of any person who loves and respects their environment, while collecting rubbish along the way.

Armed with SUP boards, tents and food, containers for the trash and nets, we will cross Lake Garda to Peschiera where we will enter the river Mincio to descend it to the Pò and then continue to the Adriatic Sea. Along the way we will have to deal with several dams and jumps, with monsters that infest our waters (cfr. river rats  and giant sheatfish), and above all, for a loner like me, the dreadful sharing of the tent. During the five days of paddling, we have to cover a total distance of 250kms, from Manerba to the Adriatic sea.

Descent by SUP from the Garda Lake to the Adriatic sea


Through this adventure we want to underline the importance that every single person has in the defense of the environment. How many times in front of someone who pollutes, perhaps simply abandoning a cigarette butt or a bottle, we remain indifferent although we think it’s wrong? How much can we all, common people, contribute to improving our environmental education, the one of our children and people around us? Sometimes it would be enough to point out a gesture, even if done without thinking, to protect our planet.


The objective of this journey is to explore this nature up close, cross it, live it, and not just “see it from a bridge”; show its beauty and delicacy and check its true state of health. We will not limit ourselves to look and document, but we will try pick up every trash we can and then bring them to the towns we will cross.

Along the way in case of trash too heavy we will take its coordinates and communicate them to the authorities. We probably will not be able to clean up our rivers in five days, but we will do our best.

A novelty of this adventure, born from the desire to repay the nature that hosts me in my labors, is the creation of a documentary. So, I will be equipped with cameras that will allow me to film along the way the wonders of our land but also our bad habits.

Considering that it will be my first documentary, I hope to be able to do a work worthy of your attention, and that your shares, that I hope will be many, can sensitize as many people as possible.

My dream is to be able to create a documentary that is shown to schools, to be able to tell children the beauty of these places, knowing very well the importance of a correct ecological education, in defense of our unique and beautiful planet Earth.

If you want to help share and spread the word.

Thank you.